Tanybryn Park is a small limousin stud started with half a dozen Donna Valley females and an outstanding sire, Roma-Park Code Red, purchased as an embryo from Canada. We aim to breed docile, easy calving, polled animals with good structure, suited to a variety of purposes. We pay attention to their figures and continually strive to improve our Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) via the use of AI. But eyeballing the animals is of equal importance when we are assessing animals. They need to have good structure and muscle. All the limousins we breed are tested for a variety of genetic markers – the double muscling gene, horned/poll status, disease carrier status, colour etc. Read more about the unique limousin muscling gene here

Bulls are semen tested before sale and all animals are vaccinated to give them the best start possible.

Tanybryn Park is a member of the Limousin Assurance Program (LAP) which guarantees a quiet, fertile animal OR it will be replaced OR the purchase price will be refunded.

Get your beef herd producing up to:

• 19% more high value cuts

• 8% more in yield of retail cuts

• 6 -11% more tenderness

with limousins

Latest News!!!

Gold Berry, 1st heifer under 2 years, Champion Beef Female Apollo Bay Show, 16 March 2013

Gold Berry, 1st heifer under 2 years, Supreme Champion Beef Exhibit Apollo Bay Show, 16 March 2013

Gold Berry, 1st heifer 12-18 months Ballarat Show 10 November 2012

Gold Berry, 1st heifer 12-16 months Colac Show 2 November 2012